What are Our Self Storage Units Used For?

What are self-storage units and what do homeowners and businesses use them for in Huddersfield?

Self storage in Huddersfield is a flexible and affordable way to store your belongings or business stock and the best all-round value in the town is us here at Britannia Self Storage.

Our units range from 25sq ft to 200sq ft and are on the ground floor of a mill with a large car park right outside the door so it’s incredibly easy to move everything you want to store into one of our secure units.

Our storage units give you a whole new spare room away from home or even your own warehouse and with our Price Match Promise we’ll always give you the best deal on self storage in Huddersfield.

There are lots of reasons people need self-storage in the Colne Valley and Huddersfield and here are just a few to get you thinking:

  • You may be moving house but can’t move in yet so need somewhere secure to store everything from your own home. Our 200sq ft units are big enough to store everything from a four-bedroomed house and, if you need even more storage space, simply rent another unit.
  • If you’re downsizing but want to keep several possessions and bulky items such as furniture then pop them into self storage for safekeeping.
  • People can run out of room at home for everything they want to keep so rather than live somewhere full of stuff why not declutter and store anything you don’t need right now with us, freeing up lots of space at home. You can be a hoarder … just hoard it with us where you know it’s safe and secure.
  • If you’re decorating, renovating your home or doing a major project such as an extension it can be impossible with all your belongings and furniture around getting in the way. Why not store them for a short while so you can crack on and get all that DIY or building work done quicker and easier.
  • We find that businesses often have way too little storage space on their own premises so turn to us for help to store stock in a place where it’s secure and temperature controlled. It will also be more cost-effective than having to rent out larger premises.
  • More and more people run their internet-based businesses from home and need somewhere to store their stock. Store it with us. After all, you’ve got access to it 7 days a week with Britannia Self Storage.
  • Stock levels may fluctuate for businesses during the year so self storage is here to use as short-term storage for those busy times. You could also store business archives that you need to keep but would otherwise clutter up the place.
  • Students often need somewhere to store their stuff during the holidays when they move out of their student accommodation or university halls of residence. Keep it with us rather than clogging up the house and if it’s something you don’t need during the holidays it means it’s there, packed and ready to go when term starts again.
  • How many people fill their garage with stuff they’ve accumulated over the years rather than using it for their cars? Let us sort out the storing at Britannia Self Storage so you can use your garage for what it was built for … actually parking your car in there.
  • Hobbies can take up a lot of space so think about self storage for your camping gear or sports equipment.
  • Our lives are seasonal. If your wardrobes and loft are running short of space why not store your winter or summer clothes and perhaps your Christmas decorations in self storage … or should that be elf storage. I’ll get me coat!
  • Self storage is very flexible. You can rent a unit for as short or as long a time as you want and the longer you rent space from us, the cheaper it will be and our prices are the best you’ll find for self storage in Huddersfield anyway.

So, self storage is what it says it is – you’re in total control of your own storage unit. At Britannia Self Storage in the Colne Valley and Huddersfield you have electronic access to our building whenever it’s staffed – that’s 7 days a week – and then your own padlock on your unit so only you can go in it. Self storage is safe, secure and personal to you and you are the sole keyholder.

We believe our self storage units are the best in the business. All 50 of our self storage units at our mill in the Colne Valley are brand new, installed in March 2024 with the very latest security systems.

You’ll find that some self storage units are in old, dirty and unheated buildings and some are even in old shipping containers.

Britannia Self Storage units are state-of-the-art using the latest technology, independently owned and family run with that individual customer service.

That includes selling all the essentials you’ll need such as boxes, bubble wrap and tape to seal them, along with padlocks for your unit.

So, whatever you need to self store in the Colne Valley and Huddersfield then make sure you come to the best self-storage business with the best prices – Britannia Self Storage.

For friendly advice call us on 01484 501800 or email info@britanniaselfstorage.co.uk.

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